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Creative Workshops

Creative workshops 

jolanda.jpeg Four and a half years ago I opened my studio nearby the center of Eindhoven and I never imagined that it would be this much fun.

Teaching painting courses, but also Creative Workshops such as pimping bags, working with gel and making jewelry are a treat.

My name is Jolanda de Rouw and I draw and paint all my life.
I have noticed that I really enjoy sharing the knowledge and experience I have gained.

Meanwhile, it already starts to run well in my studio.
People know how to find their way better and the results don't lie.
The enthusiastic reactions and happy faces at the end of the workshops are a great source of inspiration for me to continue on the chosen path.

What could be better than making your work out of your hobby?

Are you curious or do you just want to come over to see if it's something for you, please contact us. We make an appointment without obligation.

Contact information:
Muntplein 17
5611 TZĀ  Eindhoven (Free parking)
06 11315886

Joos Atelier Muntplein 17 5611 TZ Eindhoven   06-11315886 KvK: 61647799